We Take Pride in Serving LGBTQIF Patients

We Take Pride in Serving LGBTQIF Patients

Comprehensive gay community health care services in Buffalo, NY, Niagara Falls, NY, and Cheektowaga, NY

At our medical facility, we believe that “gay” refers to a community, not a state of being. We have a special place for LGBTQIF community members at our health care facilities. Consider us an open door to the gay community. We cater to your needs and have experienced medical professionals and counselors who are ready to serve you. We have an infectious disease doctor on staff, and our staff deals primarily with transgender, transsexuals, MSMs, & WSW patients. Ask us about our rapid HIV testing today.

Ending the Epidemic

We prescribe TRUVADA and PrEP

Have you heard about TRUVADA? This drug prevents an HIV positive person from transmitting the disease to someone else. We also prescribe PrEP which helps keep people HIV Free.