Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc., Urban Fruits & Veggies Offering Fresh Picked, Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables to Patients, Public

UFV “Veggie Truck” On-Site Every Wednesday from 10 AM – 2 PM
at 34 Benwood Ave. Back Parking Lot

CHCB, Inc. “Age Friendly Geriatric Services” program patient Douglas Goston signs in to receive his $5 coupon.
Allison DeHonney, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Fruits & Veggies LLC, left, and members of her “Veggie Truck” team.

As part of the “Age Friendly Geriatric Services” program’s specialized focus on enhancing quality of life, and maximizing prevention and wellness, the Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc. has partnered with Urban Fruits & Veggies to make available fresh picked, seasonal fruits and vegetables to CHCB, Inc. patients and members of the community on a weekly basis throughout the summer.

Each Wednesday from 10 AM to 2 PM, the UFV “Veggie Truck” and staff will set up shop in the back parking lot of CHCB, Inc. at 34 Benwood Ave., Buffalo.

New and current patients of CHCB, Inc., can enroll in the “Fruits and Vegetables Prescription Program” which provides a weekly coupon worth $5 towards any produce. The UFV “Veggie Truck” also welcomes the New York State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which issues electronic benefits that can be used like cash to purchase food; participates in “Double Up Food Bucks NYS,” a program of Field & Fork Network that provides $1 free for every $1 spent. (For more information visit ); accepts Farmer’s Market checks, and payment with cash.

“The CHCB, Inc. Older Adults program of comprehensive care follows the ‘Five M’ model. Over a series of coordinated visits, the patient, and his/her caregiver, working closely with CHCB, Inc. providers, will receive close examination and diagnoses regarding Mobility, Mind, Medication, Multi-Complexity, and What Matters Most,” explained Dr. Ann-Marie John, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN, Director, Wellness and Prevention.

“Healthy nutrition featuring large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables is certainly another extremely important piece of the program. Our partnership with Urban Fruits & Veggies is ensuring our patients have easy access to these health enhancing foods.”
“Community Health Center doctors will prescribe the ‘Fruits and Vegetables Prescription Program’ for patients who have conditions such as diabetes, or co-morbidities, or if they just express a desire to eat better,” said Allison DeHonney, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Fruits & Veggies LLC.

Patients then simply sign in and are free to use their $5 coupon towards any purchase, she explained.

Founded by Allison DeHonney, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Fruits & Veggies LLC (UFV) has been in operation for over five years and is involved in several projects throughout the city of Buffalo and Erie County. UFV has an urban farm, mobile produce market that services food apartheid areas and underserved communities bringing access to healthy fruits and vegetables and nutrition education. UFV also sells at local farmers markets weekly from June to October, has a corporate wellness division where they imbed their services into local companies and partner with organizations on wellness initiatives,  and offer programming for elementary and high school students where they teach nutrition education and urban farming.

CHCB, Inc.’s “Age Friendly Geriatric Services” program was recently launched under the leadership of Dr. Shahla Ahmad, MD, CCFP, Family & Geriatric Medicine Physician; and coordination of Dr. Ann-Marie John, PhD, MSN, BSN, RN, Director, Wellness and Prevention. The program features a team of experienced care givers who have specialized training in treating older adults including Dr. Ahmad; Dr. John;  Dr. Kenyani Davis, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer; Mary Kosowski MSN, APRN, A-GNP-C, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner; Dr. Esra Mustafa, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist; Megan Quinn, LCSW, Manager, Behavioral Health; Dr. Darlene Volmy, DPT, PT, Doctor of Physical Therapy; and Mary Walker, MSW, Care Coordinator. Working together, they can provide personalized, coordinated care; addressing the medical, physical and mental/behavioral health needs that are particular to older adults. For more information, please visit:

The UFV “Veggie Truck” will be on-site every Wednesday from 10 AM – 2 PM at 34 Benwood Ave. back parking lot.

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