Community Health Center of Niagara Hosts Niagara Falls High School Career Day

Learning about possible career paths in healthcare was the prescription for a great day for Niagara Falls High School students who participated in a “Career Day” hosted by providers and staff Thurs., May 19, 2022 at the Community Health Center of Niagara.

Coordinated by Stephanie Cowart, Project Manager, Special Programs, the event included presentations by CHCN providers, a tour of the health center’s various patient service areas, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions about various aspects of providing care for community members.

“We fulfilled the goal of Niagara Falls High School’s Career Enrichment Program!  Doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals enjoyed interacting with juniors and seniors interested in pursuing medical careers,” said Stephanie Cowart.  “More importantly, we were grateful for the opportunity to engage, expose and enrich them.”

For a “snapshot” of the day, here’s photos by Naveed Khan, Director of Financial Strategy & Analysis, Community Health Center of Niagara.

Julia A. Conti, NFHS Mentor Coordinator, left, Stephanie Cowart, and NFHS Career Coach Julianna Jacoby Patronski.


Stephanie Cowart, center, welcomes Niagara Falls High School (NFHS) students to CHCN. NFHS is
a public high school located at 4455 Porter Road in Niagara Falls, NY with over 2,000 students.


Emily LaDuca, CHCN Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, far right, addresses NFHS students.


Family Planning Services team members Latasha Gardener, Nurse Practitioner, center, and Daisha Wilson, Medical Assistant, right, discuss their career paths with NFHS students.

Dr. Shahla Ahmad, MD, CCFP, Family and Geriatric Medicine Physician, top right, and Dr. Selene Czach, DDS, General Dentistry, and lower left share their perspectives as patient care providers.


Robert Nevins, Mental Health Counselor; Ludovic Augustave, Dental Hygienist; and Charles Walker, Project Manager, Outreach, also participated.

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