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"Medicine requires flow, unity, and continuity. Healthcare can be complex and even more so for the underserved – it’s embedded with regulations, rules, and social and cultural issues, such as structural racism. We, along with our community partners, are sensitive to...

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Dr. Song Park, D.M.D. Joins CHCB, Inc. Dental Team

Dr. Song Park, D.M.D. Joins CHCB, Inc. Dental Team

Dr. Song Park, Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (D.M.D.), has joined The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc, Inc. Dental Team based at 34 Benwood Ave. Dr. Park most recently served as Staff Dentist with the Syracuse Community Health Center, Syracuse, NY. He is also a...

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CHCB, Inc.’s Dr. Shahla Ahmad, MD, Receives Erie County Medical Society ‘Fellow of Year Award’

CHCB, Inc.’s Dr. Shahla Ahmad, MD, Receives Erie County Medical Society ‘Fellow of Year Award’

Dr. Shahla Ahmad, MD, a member of The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc, Inc, Inc.’s Family Medicine provider team, has received the “Fellow of the Year Award” from the Erie County Medical Society after completing her fellowship in Geriatrics and Palliative Care. Dr. Ahmad was selected for this prestigious award from among all State University of New York Jacobs School of Medicine fellowship candidates participating in program disciplines such as Neuroscience, Cardio, Hospitalist, etc., throughout Erie County.

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Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc. Hosting Dr. Siri Sat Nam  Sept. 7-11 for Community Meetings, Workshop,   ‘Black Men, Who Are We?’ Seminar, Book Signing

Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc. Hosting Dr. Siri Sat Nam Sept. 7-11 for Community Meetings, Workshop, ‘Black Men, Who Are We?’ Seminar, Book Signing

World Renowned Los Angeles-based Mental Health Practitioner currently featured on Viceland network’s ‘The Therapist,’ conducting therapy with celebrity musicians Katy Perry, Waka Flocka, Grammy Award winner Corey Taylor and many more
Author of ‘The Pocket Guru: Guidance and Mantras for Spiritual Awakening and Emotional Wisdom’

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New Year Visits to Dentist are Vital to Your Health

No Need to Fear COVID; Tele-Dental Option also Available

By Dr. Shilpa Kapoor, DDS, MS, BDS

Did you visit the Dentist at least once in 2020?

If not, to be certain you are fully protecting your overall health, plan in 2021 to see your Dentist every six months for an exam and a cleaning. This will cover everything.

When it comes to oral health, patients need to understand that every ailment starts from your mouth. And oral health is not just about taking care of your teeth. In addition to diagnosing cavities, a routine oral exam can also diagnose developmental abnormalities, syndromes, oral cancers, mental health issues, oral effects of various medications and medical problems such as diabetes.

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CHCB, Inc. Publishes COVID Clinical Case Report in Wiley Global Journal

Sounds Alarm on Blood Clots ‘Masquerading’ as Back Pain in African Americans

Dr. LaVonne Ansari, Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Arvela Heider, Chief Innovation Officer, join author Dr. Kenyani Davis in displaying the first product of The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc, Inc.’s recently launched research focus.

The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc, Inc., has published a “Clinical Case Report” in the Wiley Open Access Journal entitled: “COVID-19 pneumonia with back pain: Presentation of an acute pulmonary embolism associated with novel coronavirus infection in an outpatient setting”.

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CHCB, INC. Continuing to Build Behavioral Health Telehealth Visit Expertise

Advantages for Patients, CHCB, INC. are Significant and Growing!

Prior to the beginning of COVID, using “Telehealth” for Behavioral Health patient visits, was seen by Healthcare at large (providers and insurers) as a new idea that might have some possibilities. Today, over seven months into the pandemic, Telehealth or conducting a patient session by laptop computer or Smartphone, according to Megan Quinn, “is here to stay!” In fact, The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc, Inc.’s Behavioral Health Manager and her diverse and highly talented Behavioral Health Team, have and are continuing to note numerous benefits from the communications technology for both CHCB, Inc.’s patients and the organization. To learn more about how CHCB, Inc. has fast become a Behavioral Health Telehealth expert with almost 400 billable visits per month, Megan recently participated in an interview and provided her hands-on perspective.

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Stepping Up When It Matters Most

September 8, 2020

Stepping Up When It Matters Most

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Health centers across the nation have distinguished themselves in responding to the current pandemic. Here are some examples:

    The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc, Inc. (Buffalo, NY) put together a COVID-19 Response Team consisting of trained staff, including medical and dental providers. The team determined that the safest location for testing was their mobile van (pictured below), which enabled both drive-up and walk-up testing. Their original goal was to conduct health screenings in public housing and in collaboration with schools, but their target populations have rapidly expanded.

Using their HRSA funding, they held community testing days in early May at several sites that have some of the highest rates of COVID-19 in Erie County. They now offer COVID-19 testing five days a week in collaboration with the local health departments and other community agencies. They also coordinate with local churches to conduct on-site testing and organize testing days for barbers and beauticians, who must be tested every 14 days. Additionally, they’re working with the Erie County Department of Health to start testing at homeless shelters.


Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Tens of millions of Americans receive quality, affordable health care and other services through HRSA’s 90-plus programs and more than 3,000 grantees.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the primary federal agency for improving health care to people who are geographically isolated, economically or medically vulnerable

HRSA programs help those in need of high quality primary health care, people with HIV/AIDS, pregnant women, and mothers. HRSA also supports the training of health professionals, the distribution of providers to areas where they are needed most and improvements in health care delivery.

HRSA oversees organ, bone marrow and cord blood donation. It compensates individuals harmed by vaccination, and maintains databases that protect against health care malpractice, waste, fraud and abuse.

Since 1943 the agencies that were HRSA precursors have worked to improve the health of needy people. HRSA was created in 1982, when the Health Resources Administration and the Health Services Administration were merged.


Healthy Communities, Healthy People


To improve health outcomes and address health disparities through access to quality services, a skilled health workforce, and innovative, high-value programs.



Goal 1: Improve Access to Quality Health Services
Goal 2: Foster a Health Care Workforce Able to Address Current and Emerging Needs
Goal 3: Achieve Health Equity and Enhance Population Health
Goal 4: Optimize HRSA Operations and Strengthen Program Management



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Community Health Center of Niagara Falls honors

CELEBRATION: Dedications for Dr. Edward Brown, Jesse E. Richardson.

Flanked by local clergy, city, state, and national elected officials, Dr. LaVonne Ansari announced the dedication of the Community Health Center Niagara Falls’ pediatric wing in honor of long-time local pediatrician Dr. Edward Brown. “We are also renaming our first floor Community Room in memory of the late Jesse E. Richardson. He was a pillar of the Niagara Falls North End community.”

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Power 150 Women: Dr. Ansari #47

By Donna Collins – Editor, Buffalo Business First
July 30, 2020


Meet the 2020 Power 150 Women, a group whose talent and influence fuel economic, social and cultural growth.

Over the last year, the news staff of Business First has been talking to and writing about these women. Trust us, you want to know them.

The countdown is sponsored by M&T Bank.

We’re getting down to our final numbers. Number 58 starts today’s countdown and we’ll stop at Number 26. Thank you, ladies, for all you’re doing to help Western New York.

HEALTHeLINK Medical Minute: Community Health Center of Buffalo




Dr. Ansari is seen here flanked by her Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bharat Kohli and approximately 50 staff.


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Western New York’s most influential people of 2020






We concede that there is no formula for computing power and influence. Influence means different things to different people, but most of us will agree on this: We all know power and influence when we see it.


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Community health leader expands her reach

By Tracey Drury




LaVonne Ansari long has been a leader in the region for community health. She has overseen the growth of The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc (CHCB) from one to five sites across two counties, while expanding services to provide care for underserved populations. Now she’s taking that leadership a step further.


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College radio helped a present-day mental health expert find stability





“When I was a college freshman, I had a psychotic episode. I ended up being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.”

Karl Shallowhorn has made a name for himself as one of the region’s largest mental health advocates.


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Black teens report more suicide attempts

By Karys Belger | Buffalo,NY



“Reported attempts of suicide increased among African-American teens while decreasing among other groups” – Karys Belger

In this article Community Health Center of Buffalo’s Education Program Coordinator, Karl Shallowhorn speaks with WGRZ about his encounters with suicide attempts by African American teens. 


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Lead Poisoning Task Force Provides Update on Action Plan

By Andy Young | City of Buffalo



As a nurse, Trinetta Alston knows the dangers of lead poisoning. As a mother, she’s seen the effects firsthand.


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Counselor Karl Shallowhorn on mental health and mass shootings

Counselor karl Shallowhorn | AUG. 5, 2019 | WGRZ


CHCB Education Program Coordinator, Karl Shallowhorn, discusses the recent El Paso and Dayton shootings and addresses the myths associated with mental illness and violence.


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Technology Helps Keep Families Connected While A Parent Is Jailed



When a parent is sent to jail or prison, the bond with their child is often lost or put in jeopardy.

Now, there’s a new program to help make sure families don’t miss out on that precious time.

Technology like FaceTime and Skype will start playing a role in eight prisons, allowing parents that are incarcerated to visit with their children more often.

State Senator Tim Kennedy announced Thursday that $180,000 was secured for the new project, called Family Works Buffalo.

The Osborne Association has helped launch similar programs in other areas and for this project, worked alongside The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc, Inc, where the video visitor center will be located.

The calls will still be monitored but the family-friendly center will have living rooms with toys and even the same books so parents and kids can read together.

Officials called Family Works Buffalo an important way to make sure parents and kids have a good relationship so when parents are released, they can start fresh together.

“People that stay connected to their families while they’re incarcerated are six times more likely to succeed on release so starting inside is important,” said Liz Gaynes, president and CEO of the Osborne Association. “More important than suddenly seeing this child for the first time when you come home, it’s really going to be hard to adjust, I mean kids are hard no matter what and they will have years’ worth of demands and expectations of a parent who comes home.”

These video chats however are not meant to replace in-person visits as officials said those are still important.


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10 Things Employers – And Employees – Should Know About Mental Health At Work



When Gabe Howard was 25, he was diagnosed with a serious illness. At the time, he was a successful employee in a competitive industry. When he returned to the office after his initial hospitalization, though, he wasn’t welcomed with balloons and cards. Instead, he encountered whispers and sideways looks. As his treatment required increasing time away from work, things got worse.

“Any time I was off, the rumor mill would start all over again,” Howard said. “People would say, ‘Well that’s a great scam, Gabe says he’s sick and he gets six weeks paid vacation.’”

If Howard had cancer, this reaction would appall most people. But his diagnosis is a heavily stigmatized one: bipolar disorder. Though his first experience dealing with a mental health crisis in the workplace was awful – and ended with his termination – it was his employer who ultimately missed out: it lost a valuable young talent. The employer also lost countless hours of productivity to the drama that its lack of support caused.

Howard, however, went on to have a successful career in the nonprofit sector, and now he writes and speaks about bipolar disorder full-time. Howard’s story shows that it’s possible to be a healthy and productive employee while managing a severe and persistent mental health condition.

Often the most critical missing piece of the workplace mental health puzzle is education, for both employees and employers. Here are the top 10 things employees and employers should know.


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New Doctor Announcement



The Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc, (CHCB) is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Darlene Volmy to our medical staff. Dr. Volmy is a licensed physical therapist.

Dr. Volmy uses an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to treatment, with a strong emphasis on therapeutic exercise, postural/core stability, functional manual therapy and movement training, and patient education and empowerment. She has treated patients of all ages (from 3 weeks old to 100+) in a variety of clinical areas including outpatient clinics, post-operative, orthopedics, intensive care units, home health, schools, hospitals, sports and fitness facilities, adult daycare centers, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes.

Dr. Darlene Volmy holds a BA in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo where she developed a lifelong interest in the scientific aspects of human movement. Throughout her undergraduate education, Darlene worked as a health broker with the Erie Niagara Area Health & Education Center (ENAHEC). “I helped connect students to careers, professionals to communities and communities to better health.” Dr. Volmy received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from D’Youville College, where she participated in elective courses in exercise prescription, use of modalities for acute and chronic pain, manual therapy techniques, and women and adolescents health and wellness. Dr. Volmy plans to continue adding to her skillset throughout her career.

CEO, Dr. LaVonne Ansari, “Dr. Volmy will be working at our new state-of-the-art physical therapy office located on the 4th floor of our 34 Benwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York facility. Adding physical therapy to our already broad range of services gives us one more way to meet the needs of the residents in this community.”

Ms. Katherine Duke-Purdue – Board Secretary received the CHCANYS 2019 Dorothy K. Award


CHCB’s Education Program Coordinator, Karl Shallowhorn, was a guest on WGRZ’s WNY Living with host Janet Snyder. The entire program was devoted to the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition, of which Karl is a founding member. In this segment, Karl speaks about his own personal experience of living with a mental health condition as well as sharing about resources people can refer to when seeking help for themselves or someone they know.

Color Me Healthy to reach community with mental well-being help

Don’t forget to register for this free program being held on January 16 from 5:30-7:30 pm at The Community Health Center, Inc – 34 Benwood Avenue, Buffalo. This is the first of five monthly forums being held from January-May. A light, free meal will be served. For more information contact Karl Shallowhorn at [email protected]om or 716-986-9199 x4350