Trinetta Alston Completes REACH “Community Vaccine Champion” Training

Congratulations to Trinetta Alston, LPN, Vaccine Coordinator, CHCB, Inc., on completing the “Community Vaccine Champion” training with REACH Buffalo.
As a Champion, Trinetta has completed training to enhance her abilities to:
• Understand the role within the community to support informed decision-making regarding vaccinations.
• Utilize critical communication skills to facilitate real and authentic conversations with community members.
• Share educational messages about vaccines to make sure people have accurate and unbiased information.
The Community Vaccine Champion initiative is part of Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH), a project administered by CAI that uses a community-led approach to help to reduce chronic illness among African American/Black residents in five underserved ZIP codes in Buffalo, NY.…/racial-and-ethnic-approaches…/

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